6 Easy Ways To Grow Wealth

Save Early & Often

Put away as much as you can and increase the percentage as your income and budget allow.

Polish Your Credit

The most important credit-building step is to pay all of your bills on time. On each card, use no more than 30% of your limit.

Diversify Investments

Try for a mix of stocks and bonds. This can help your portfolio stay afloat during bad times and improve your long-term returns.

Set It & Forget It

Set up an automatic transfer from your checking ac- count to your savings or brokerage account (or both) each month shortly after payday so that your emergency and retirement funds will fatten up before you have a chance to spend the cash.

Negotiate Everything

You know it pays to haggle hard over cars and homes. A lot of other purchases are ripe for negotiation, too.

Vow To Be Debt Free

Dividend-paying stocks aren’t immune from declines, but they do offer a degree of insulation that others don’t. A word of warning though – rich dividends that look too good to last often don’t.